What We Do

NuGen Automation offers an independent, non-biased consulting service based on our extensive SCADA experience coupled with in-depth knowledge of information technology.

In modern industry, SCADA systems encompass many diverse and complex technologies and offer a vast array of features. It is imperative that the integrator selects and optimizes the application of SCADA technology in a robust, usable and cost-effective manner that provides the customer with a safe and reliable platform to operate their assets.

Successful companies create a positive working environment within the organization. SCADA and distributed control systems are traditionally the domain of electrical engineers. With the transition to standard hardware and software platforms, Internet protocols, and connections to corporate networks, IT personnel are becoming more involved with SCADA systems. The situation can create conflicting cultures and priorities due to the lack of understanding of each other’s technologies and business requirements. Because of the unique nature of SCADA applications relative to IT systems, many organizations face this struggle. NuGen Automation has recognized this issue with SCADA and IT. In response, we have assembled the best of the best in personnel from both sides of the industry to combat this issue head on. NuGen Automation will help close the requirement gap between SCADA and IT.

NuGen Automation is able to tailor our solutions and services to the customer’s needs and requirements. Where appropriate, we aim to maximize the potential of the client’s own staff whilst providing the best possible assistance to achieve the necessary tasks. Where client staffing is limited, NuGen Automation can provide a team to take on as many of the tasks as the client requires. As part of our ongoing commitment in SCADA support excellence, we offer continued support of any size system after deployment.