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3rd-Party Control Room Operations for Pipelines


Next-gen control operations — powered by seasoned industry professionals

Supported by pioneers in the third-party control center operations, our team of qualified controllers monitors your asset data and pipeline operations 24 hours a day.

Backed by redundant systems and prepared for any disaster, our network of control rooms and data centers will keep you online.

On-Demand Control Room Operations

Experience the leading network of third-party control rooms in Oil & Gas.

NuGen Automation and Remote Operations Control (ROC) have combined our capabilities to deliver a best-in-class offering within Third-Party Control Centers that we believe is unmatched in the Oil & Gas industry.

NuGen and Roc
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Highly-Skilled Industry Professionals

Operator-qualified controllers and managers monitoring your assets 24x7

Integrated Compliance

Integrated Compliance & Support

Top-tier support services with the ability to handle multiple clients across all scenarios

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24/7 Asset Monitoring

Full-service control center with one-call/emergency response and support

Powerful & Secure Systems​

Top-grade technologies with off-site and disaster recovery locations

Enhanced Capabilities

Remote Operations Center is now Linestar & NuGen.

Third-party control center services

Complete asset monitoring throughout multiple locations

Our control centers provide third-party asset monitoring throughout the US., partnering with small and enterprise operations that deliver a diverse range of services.

Crude & natural gas

Pipelines (regulated & non-)

Pump stations & tanks

Leak detection

Incident & agency notification

SCADA reporting

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Third-Party Control Rooms

Integrated remote operations, fully optimized and on-demand

Advancing the future of control center technology, NuGen Automation is leading the industry with high-performance monitoring services that provide on-demand solutions for the oil and gas industry.


24x7 Asset Monitoring & Control: Meeting Regulatory Compliance Requirements

We monitor and control energy and utility assets 24/7 to execute normal operations procedures and respond to emergency conditions. Our qualified team of controllers monitors oil and gas systems 24x7, supporting operations through AOC, leak, and emergency management.

LEAK patttern recognition

Enhanced Leak Detection

We offer several tiers of customized leak detection, allowing our customers to select the best method for the specific asset being monitored:

1) Rate of Change Pressure / Flow Monitoring
2) Volume or Mass Balancing
3) Transient Model Based CPM


Compliant Controls Design & Installation

Design and install your fit-for-purpose control center for plants, gathering pipelines, transportation pipelines and terminals.

Network Management

Experienced Pipeline Controllers

Our teams are dedicated 24x7 in-house support staff and have seasoned experience in petroleum, natural gas and other commodity pipeline operations. The average industry experience for our team members is above many others.

Louis Krannich

Louis Krannich


Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall

Control room ops

Solutions For Third-Party Control Rooms

Why NuGen Automation is different


Independent advice

We only recommend the appropriate solution that best fits the needs of our clients, and we never try to sell products you don't need.

Deep Expertise

Deep expertise

Since our founding, all projects involve oil & gas production, which may be a reason why we're one of the leading energy automation vendors in the market.


Pipeline focus

As part of the Linestar Services family, we're one of a deeply-rooted partner experts servicing the Pipeline Integrity market.


White-glove service

All clients are assigned a dedicated integration expert, who ensures that project timelines and tasks remain well-communicated and executed timely.