Special Applications

NuGen provides cost effective, industry proven applications to meet operations, regulatory and business requirements.

  • Control Room Management Suite
    » Alarm Management
    » Work Load Time Based Study
    » Fatigue Mitigation Program and Hours of Service
    » Pipeline Performance
    » Pipeline Integrity
  • Alarm Rationalization Application
  • Volumetric Mass Balance w/ Line Pack Application
  • Mobile SCADA Application
  • Gas Contract Nomination Application
  • MOC Application

Mass Balance Solution:
Monitoring pipelines includes insuring that product received by the pipeline matches product delivered from it. Historically Controllers have used spreadsheets and various other manual tracking methods to achieve this type of monitoring. The NuGen Automation Mass Balance Solution uses the meter-based method referred to as Modified Volume Balance (MVB) in API 1130 appendix to automate and keep track of the balance of product received into the pipeline, packed in the line, and delivered out of it. Our solution automatically integrates with your SCADA system to obtain the appropriate data to calculate your linepack and volume balance in realtime. Further the NuGen Mass Balance Solution includes historization and trending tools to help investigate any potential imbalances that may arise. Configuration and monitoring is done through a user permission controlled web interface allowing customer flexibility over who can view and configure the application.

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Mobile SCADA Solution

mass balance