SCADA Turnkey

NuGen Automation delivers TurnkeySCADA solutions in two areas, ControlSystems and ControlCenter design and build-out. Our process takes a project from initial assessment or audit, strategicplanning, solution architecture design through integration, testing, and implementation. In addition,NuGen Automation’s continuing maintenance and support services create highly effective solutions thatdeliver optimal performance across your SCADA environment.

NuGen Automation uses experience and knowledge gained through our successful implementation of pastand current projects as a guideline for future projects. This approach creates a practical way to identifythe best practice and methodology to meet the project’s objective and milestone date in compliance with customer’s requirements.

Our SCADA Turnkey Solution covers the following:

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  • Control Room Design and Implementation
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation
  • SCADA System Design and Implementation
  • SCADA Security and Policy
  • System/Network Design and Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation
  • Post Project Support

NuGen Automation is with you every step of the way.


Our consultation and audit will help determine a project’s viability and its end result.The audit is a practicability study performed by our team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts);this study will determine the best course of action to tackle the project at hand. As a turnkeyconsultant, NuGen Automation can assist the customer in developing and maintaining a businessrequirements document, risk/issues list, and project schedule.


NuGen Automation works hand in hand with the customer, third party vendors/contractors,and our internal team to strategically plan and design the required resources, logistics, andtechnical aspects of the project. Efficient and cost-effective detailed planning, development anddesign are vital for having a control on the cost of the entire project.


The deployment process completes the integration by turning the concept, design, test,and baseline into the final functional product. In the deployment phase, NuGen Automation andthe project team will perform key activities identified in a deployment plan document.


In the final process, NuGen Automation will assist the customer with the necessarydocumentation, training, and support. This vital phase will ensure all levels of the organizationare prepared for the operation to go live.