SCADA Security

NuGen Automation prides itself in developing secure Control Systems. It is not enough to build a solid, functional SCADA system. There are many threats both internal and external that target critical infrastructure. Security can no longer be an afterthought when designing and building control systems, it must be the foundation.

SCADA, Operations, and IT must work together to build a secure, maintainable Control System. NuGen Automation has experienced consultants with over 15 years of experience working with SCADA, Operations and IT in the Oil & Gas industry. We understand the needs and requirements of both, and know how to work and communicate to each to produce the desired results.

NuGen Automation provides SCADA Security Solution in the following areas:

Security Assessment

Many control systems have been in operation for a number of years. Security may not have been a primary concern when the systems were commissioned or the system has grown beyond what its original design had intended.

NuGen Automation can analyze the control system to identify the security posture of the current architecture. Recommendations on resolving security deficiencies will also be included in the assessment. NuGen Automation can also assess the design of new control systems, identifying and resolving security deficiencies before they become permanent design flaws.

Virtualization Security

Virtualization technology is becoming ever more prevalent in the control system environment. Control systems are now integrated into the corporate data center to take advantage of IT’s existing infrastructure.

NuGen Automation understands the goals of IT and the requirements of the Control System. We will analyze the configuration of the HyperVisor (either VMWare or Microsoft HyperV) to determine if it is properly optimized for the SCADA environment. The NuGen Automation staff has an extensive background, and so we focus on the configuration from both security, and Control System performance perspectives.

Information Security Policy

Our consultants can work with SCADA, Operations, and IT to define an Information Security Policy for the Control system that meets the needs of SCADA, Operations, and IT. We can also review existing Information Security Policies to ensure that they meet stated goals and are compliant with any regulations.

Wireless Security

There was a time when it was easy to keep wireless out of the Control System network, but that is no longer possible. Control System networks now utilize the same technology as the business network and may even ride the same backbone. It is very important to ensure the wireless radios are properly configured so that the Control System Network is not compromised.

NuGen automation has experienced network staff that can review wireless radio configurations to be certain they are configured securely.


NuGen Automation can review Control System and IT directives and map them to security regulatory compliance requirements such as:

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  • ISA S99
  • API 1164