SCADA Monitoring

Proactive systems, networks, applications, and environmental monitoring are the keys to minimizing downtime and keeping your operation running smoothly.

Without the proper technology and know-how, it is simply a guess as to what, when, and where something will fail. NuGen’s monitoring solution ends the uncertainty and will put you and your staff in control.

NuGen Automation provides SCADA Monitoring Soutions in the following areas:


Most corporate networks in an organization rely on some kind of monitoring tools to help analyze performance issues, automate processes, monitor critical services, notify on outages or issues, and provide reports on the health of the IT environment. NuGen Automation is able to take these fundamental concepts and successfully incorporate them into the SCADA landscape. Seamlessly transforming a once reactive, manual SCADA system to an autonomous proactive SCADA system with today’s capabilities.


As with system and network monitoring, the concept is not revolutionary. However, when applied in an appropriate context, which in this case is the mission critical SCADA package, it empowers you and your staff to take control of the SCADA application environment. NuGen Automation has seen the need for SCADA packages to be more automated and integrated with today’s technology and has developed an application monitoring solution that can fit any size SCADA environment.


Monitoring SCADA field equipment, and devices in the data and control centers, will provide a complete view of the SCADA infrastructure. In order to fully take control, NuGen Automation has created graphical displays and dashboards that can tie all data flows together, and turn it into valuable critical decision making information.


Environmental monitoring is a critical component that is easily overlooked in the SCADA arena. Like servers or network equipment, the environment itself needs to be monitored. Unexpected temperature, and power levels, high humidity, or other issues could cause havoc in the data center.

Field equipment is often at the mercy of the natural environment. Each field station is designed differently and has varying levels of business requirements. Depending on these requirements, it’s imperative that field equipment is considered as important as the data center equipment. NuGen Automation recognizes this need for environmental monitoring and has a solution for any size requirements.