SCADA Dashboard

The Operational Dashboard Solution consolidates key information from disparate data sources, including SCADA real-time information, historical trends, measurement, and analytical data.

While you are driving your business, you will need a place to find the data that is specific to your operation. The Operational Dashboard is a customizable solution that captures and then reports this information on a unified desktop view, creating a one-stop summary that allows you to gauge how well your assets are performing overall.


NuGen Automation Dashboard Solution takes your untamed data and delivers a cohesive snapshot of your SCADA infrastructure in real time, allowing mission critical decisions to be made confidently.

Our Dashboard Solution capability covers the following:

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  • Historical Trends
  • Flow Monitoring and Analysis
  • Pressure Monitoring and Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis
  • Systems Monitoring and Analysis
  • Network Monitoring and Analysis
  • Telemetry Monitoring and Analysis