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Pipeline Service Offering for NuGen Automation

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Pipeline Service Offering



Expert assistance in CRM compliance and compliance advisement for all Control Room Management operations

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Operational data visualization that can generate actionable insights to improve efficiency of your pipeline assets

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Reliable technology solutions, documentation development, and around-the-clock technical support for failover and business contingency efforts

GIS Applications

GIS Applications

Database quality and maintenance, research and documentation, drafting, as-builts & surveys, via custom and scalable solutions

Information Technology

Network and server administration + optimization, patching and maintenance, network security, 24/7 client support

Pipeline SCADA

SCADA Integration

Integrated, systematic approaches to turn-key SCADA + HMI integration, SCADA administration, staff augmentation, and 24/7 technical support

Leak Detection

Smart Leak Detection

Leak pattern recognition, localization of leaks, predictive maintenance planning, line break detection, batch tracking

Control Rooms

Third-Party Control Rooms

Third-party and remote control center operations, control center design & implementation, CRM Suite, and integrated leak detection

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