Expert SCADA System Integrations for Oil & Gas

SCADA Integration

Achieve sustainable efficiency with authoritative SCADA networks for Oil & Gas

Our industry reputation was built within the craftsmanship of effective, diverse SCADA systems across the value chain — from small, independent operators to the global supermajors.

SCADA Network

For illustrative purposes only. Not intended to represent a SCADA architecture design.

SCADA BeneFits for Oil & Gas Companies

How can a smart SCADA strategy can improve petroleum, natural gas, and NGL operations

Energy companies of all types have leveraged SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) capabilities to accommodate changing safety and operational requirements to achieve tactical and multi-year performance objectives.

SCADA Visualization

Visualize complex processes and operations

Mitigate Risk

Simplify PHMSA's CRM Rule Compliance

Cost Value chart

Reduce IT infrastructure expenses

Control Room Engineer

Respond faster and with deeper inrelligence

Improve workforce and operations transition

End-to-end SCADA implementation

A perpetual commitment to technical expertise, compliance interpretation, and exceptional service

Vendor-agnostic SCADA

Our philosophy to remain independent and objective from preferred SCADA vendors ensures that purpose-built solutions are delivered efficiently and with consistency.

Embedded compliance insight

SCADA designs and automation solution adhere to DOT/PHMSA CRM pipeline safety rules with real-world context by a dedicated safety team of experienced practitioners and industry thought leaders.

High-touch delivery + 24x7 client support

Internal management policies require frequent validation across multiple project stages: Senior leaders, dedicated project managers, and a multi-faceted team of 30+ full-time SCADA specialists

Systematic technical experience

We aim to provide intangible benefits to fulfill any technical need, such as specialized staff augmentation (including obsolescence), complete system design, and a knowledge base that extends generously across the scope of SCADA.


On selecting a SCADA platform

SCADA INtegration ROI (Return on Investment) Example for Oil & Gas Operator

Impactful investment returns within the first year of implementation

The following ROI illustrative example shows that even conservative estimates could generate up to 2-3x return within the first two years upon implementation.

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SCADA Integration Track Record

A client-centric approach for rapid SCADA deployment

Repeated turnkey SCADA execution, deep knowledge across operational philosophies, and a perpetual commitment to the energy community are the cornerstones of an unmatched track record within the industry.

Automation Projects

No. of SCADA integrations completed with Tier-I to Tier-III petroleum & LNG companies

Avg Duration in Weeks

Average duration of a turnkey SCADA project — from kickoff to completion (less than six months)

1 K
Pipelines (Miles)

No. of total miles in North American pipeline in which we’ve implemented SCADA monitoring tools

SCADA Implementation Process

NuGen offers a holistic approach to SCADA integration


Infrastructure Review (System & Network) · SCADA Software, Licenses, Topology Review & Verification · Review & Verify Virtual VM Setup · Database Planning · Review Systems Conversion Plans with Certarus to Evaluate Risks · Process Documentation & Risk Mitigation


System & Network (SCADA) · System & Network (DMZ IN) · System & Network (DMZ OUT) · System & Network (Security & Remote Access) · Functional Specification · Graphics Library & Template Adoption · Database Specification · Report Definition & Planning


Virtual Machine Configuration · SCADA Software on Servers · Configuration of SCADA Software on Servers · Incremental Validation of System Design · System & Network Development · Point Database Development · Display Workshop with Certarus · Display Development · SCADA Communication Configuration · SCADA Reports · Cell Modem Configuration · Remote Access


Validation Plan Creation · System Validation · FAT Testing · Point-to-Point Test Planning · Point-to-Point Testing (T&M)


System & Network Topology · Database Standards · Templates · Virtual Hardware & Software · Project Schedules · SCADA System Documentation


Casual User Training · Operations Manager & Supervisor Training

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Scada Systems and Integration Features

Achieve better operational results with smart SCADA


Having collective decades of experience integrating and supporting SCADA systems for super majors down to private equity backed start-ups, we can repetitively deploy high-performance, compliant, and reliable SCADA implementations.

SCADA integrations specifically built for Oil & Gas

NuGen Automation provides clients with expertise in platform agnostic SCADA integration with experience in Wonderware, OASyS, ClearSCADA, Ignition, Cygnet and other platforms.

Designed in redundancy, walled defense security

Protecting client systems against system failure is a priority. NuGen Automation provides redundant backup systems that establish a reliable and secure protection for SCADA systems.

System Design
Customized systems development centric to Oil & Gas operators

A focused design and integration approach that's backed by real-world experience in petroleum is critical to fully realize and maximize the benefits of a fully optimized monitor-and-control SCADA platform.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Informational Human Machine Interface (HMI)

High-performance process graphics that results in maximum operator effectiveness

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation
Son Tran


David Panthagani
David Panthagani

VP Operations

Muneesh Maini
Muneesh Maini

SCADA Integration


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