SCADA Systems & Integrations for Pipelines

SCADA Integration

Control and monitor your operations with best-in-class SCADA technologies.

Leveraging best-in-class automation technologies with deep operating experience within the energy sector, NuGen Automation is an industry leader in SCADA implementation.

We assist clients in improving efficiency, streamlining workloads, and promoting safe operations.

A Leading SCADA Systems Integrator For Oil & Gas

What is Pipeline Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)?

How can a smart SCADA strategy improve my pipeline operations

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are used to improve efficiency, streamline workloads, and promote safe operations.

SCADA systems simplify the complex inner-workings of pipeline operations by:

SCADA Visualization

Visualizing complex process operations

Alarm notification SCADA

Informing operators with critical information to take safe, informed action

Benefits of SCADA Integration

Streamline your pipeline operations with next-gen SCADA capabilities

From design and implementation to 24×7 maintenance and support, NuGen Automation’s Service Integration Team provides the most advanced SCADA solutions for every client.


On selecting a SCADA platform
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Scada Systems and Integration

Achieve better operational results with smart SCADA


Having collective decades of experience integrating and supporting SCADA systems for super majors down to the private equity backed start-ups, NuGen Automation can repetitively deploy high performance, compliant, and reliable SCADA implementations.

SCADA integrations specifically built for Oil & Gas

NuGen Automation provides clients with expertise in platform agnostic SCADA integration with experience in Wonderware, OASyS, ClearSCADA, Ignition, Cygnet and other platforms.

Designed in redundancy, walled defense security

Protecting client systems against system failure is a priority. NuGen Automation provides redundant backup systems that establish a reliable and secure protection for SCADA systems.

System Design
Customized systems development centric to Oil & Gas operators

A focused design and integration approach that's backed by real-world experience in petroleum is critical to fully realize and maximize the benefits of a fully optimized monitor-and-control SCADA platform.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Informational Human Machine Interface (HMI)

High-performance process graphics that results in maximum operator effectiveness

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation
Son Tran


David Panthagani
David Panthagani

VP Operations

Muneesh Maini
Muneesh Maini

SCADA Integration

solutions For SCADA and Pipeline Automation

Why NuGen Automation is different

Independent advice

We only recommend the appropriate solution that best fits the needs of our clients, and we never try to sell products you don't need.

Deep Expertise
Deep expertise

Since our founding, all projects involve oil & gas production, which may be a reason why we're one of the leading energy automation vendors in the market.

Pipeline focus

As part of the Linestar Services family, we're one of a deeply-rooted partner experts servicing the Pipeline Integrity market.

White-glove service

All clients are assigned a dedicated integration expert, who ensures that project timelines and tasks remain well-communicated and executed timely.


Pipeline Alarm Management: A Blueprint of Recommended Practices

This comprehensive 27-page Best Practices Guide is an essential framework to help any pipeline professional with managing bad actor alarms and achieve peak operational performance.