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GIS Application Services for Pipelines

GIS Applications

Create a more complete picture of how your petroleum assets perform.

From exploration & production to pipeline compliance and beyond, the emergence of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Oil and Gas is carving new paths for energy leaders looking to enhance their operations.


Map out the future of your operations, process and approach.

With NuGen Automation's GIS Services, your team will have access to data that puts them on-site without leaving their office. From mapping, reporting to attribution, geography data is delivered timely and securely.

- GIS database and maintenance

- GIS database quality assurance and control

- Research and documentation

- CAD drafting

- Data attributes of pipeline and field equipment

ArcGIS Pipeline Survey


On the future of asset surveying

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GIS Applications

Unlock the power of ArcGIS to create better insights.

GIS Applications

GIS Services provide a new level of insight for asset management. From aerial photos and coordinates to data attributes to assist with maintenance, our GIS team can provide a database that puts you in the field at the click of a button.

Data QA

GIS Database Quality Assurance & Quality Control Maintenance

From developing a QA/QC procedure to implementing standards for database maintenance, our GIS Services capture the full spectrum of the quality process. Have an out-of-date database? We can bring that up to speed for you. Need data attributes entered for all 300 miles of pipeline to integrate a new asset? We can do that, too. We've got you covered.



When it comes to as-builts, our GIS team is ready for action. We'll survey greensheet and engineering documentation to extract data, read and interpret pipeline as-built drawings, and install assigned as-built work order packages into database. Let us do the legwork for you!

CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting

Visualizing your data is a key aspect of asset management, and our CAD Drafting team can make that happen. They can construct and mainting double line drafting documentation, perform data manipulation, construct, 3D CAD representations, walk P&IDs, and translate survey data for implementation - all in a single office.

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation

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David Panthagani

VP Operations

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Albert Ledet III

GIS Applications

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