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Featured SCADA Partners for Oil & Gas Pipelines

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software manages the flow of information between software and industrial equipment. SCADA systems allow companies to monitor and control industrial processes across multiple locations. This type of software is used in manufacturing but can also be beneficial for utility companies, facility management, and any operations that rely on the use of sensors.

SCADA systems are provided as a mix of hardware and software, but many vendors prefer to focus exclusively on software. This type of software integrates with manufacturing execution systems to monitor the use of industrial equipment on the shop floor. Integration with ERP systems and quality management (QMS) software is also important to track the performance of the manufacturing operations.



What is OASyS SCADA (formerly Telvent's OASyS DNA)?

OASyS SCADA is a secure, scalable real-time enterprise platform for advanced asset distribution and is optimized for operational awareness and is used by many oil and gas pipeline operators.

Platform Highlights

  • Display management

    OASyS SCADA focuses on pipeline operations, including control room management (CRM) and creation of high-performance displays for faster editing and call-ups. This reduces TCO, improves situational awareness, and reduces fatigue.

  • Highly-available and distributed architecture

    OASyS SCADA is backed by a highly available and distributed architecture supporting main/back-up and peer-to-peer operations with securely-managed high-performance failover across multiple geographies.

EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert (formerly ClearSCADA) by Schneider Electric

ECoStruxure (formerly ClearSCADA)

What is EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert (formerly ClearSCADA)?

Formerly known as ClearSCADA, EcoStruxure™ Geo SCADA Expert is an open, flexible and scalable enterprise software for telemetry and remote SCADA management of critical infrastructure. The platform is used by many oil and gas pipeline operators.

Platform Features

  • Object-based development environment

    The development environment is object based so you can build templates for plant devices and/or sites and create instances of these templates for deployment. This methodology also reduces engineering effort (up to 90% over traditional HMI/SCADA) and ensures standardization for operations, effectively reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) for your HMI/SCADA application.

  • Highly-configurable

    EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert can be configured in a multitude of redundancy options including dual, triple, disaster recovery (DR) sites and remote performance servers for local access. LAN/WAN links and connections to remote controllers and RTUs can be configured for redundant paths over different media.

  • Flexible deployment

    EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert has a rich suite of industry standard open interfaces such as ODBC (SQL), OLE-DB and OPC which can be used by any third-party reporting package or Microsoft® Office.

EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation Video

AVEVA SCADA Solutions (formerly Wonderware) by AVEVA

wonderware by aveva

What is AVEVA Wonderware HMI/SCADA?

Now AVEVA Solutions, the legacy WonderWare System Platform is a responsive, scalable enterprise solution for supervisory, SCADA, HMI, Historian, and IIoT applications that integrate various processes with oil and gas energy companies and pipeline operations.

Platform Highlights

  • AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) System Platform

    AVEVA/Wonderware System Platform is optimized for enterprise-wide standards compliance across processes, functional teams, and sites. Its core infrastructure adds universal context to real-time processes, alarms, events, and archived historical data across disparate industrial systems.

  • AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) InTouch HMI

    AVEVA/Wonderware InTouch HMI is an industry-leading HMI visualization software that visualize and control vital plant processes in real time. Scaled for IoT capabilities, InTouch increasingly provides users with the ability to interact with them strategically.

Wonderware Overview Video

Ignition SCADA 8 by inductive automation

Ignition 8 logo

What is Ignition SCADA 8?

Ignition SCADA 8 by Inductive Automation leverages an unlimited licensing model, with instant web-based deployment, and a versatile toolset for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) via an open and scalable universal platform.

Platform Highlights

  • Central integration hub

    Ignition is server software that acts as the hub for everything within your process operation for total system integration, including unlimited tags and cross-platform connections.

  • Design flexibility

    Ignition provides deep flexibility within SCADA design into industrial applications for desktops, industrial displays and mobile screens.

  • Web-deploy clients

    View and control your SCADA system to any desktop, industrial display or mobile device.

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CygNet IoT/SCADA by Weatherford International


What is CygNet IoT/SCADA?

Pipeline operators can deploy the CygNet platform to process diverse data and information. Users across every business function can prioritize and analyze real-time information to support daily operations and strategic decision-making.

Platform Features

  • Improve Overall Field Productivity

    For field installations, the CygNet SCADA platform adheres to industry requirements for operations, practices, and reporting. Detailed production data can be configured to alert operators to underperforming assets and accelerate response times.

  • Safely Deliver to Plan

    For pipeline operators, the CygNet platform supports secure monitoring and control for pipeline assets. It monitors real-time gas transmission flow to produce an accurate plan-versus-actual caption of daily operations, which enables rapid changes in operating and business conditions.

  • Efficiently Gather and Validate Measurement Data

    The CygNet platform offers seamless and timely processmeasurement data in multiple market segments. This high-performance system provides accurate and actionable data throughout the entire enterprise by accelerating repetitive validation and publishing processes.

Weatherford International Overview Video