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Smart Leak Detection for Pipeline Systems



Join NuGen Automation and KROHNE as they dive into the regulatory requirements that guide Control Room Management (CRM) in the US and learn how today’s advanced technology can help you reduce workload while erradiating false leak detection alarms from your operations.

Leak Detection Systems with Krohne & PipePatrol

Smart monitoring meets superior pipeline protection in oil and gas

Leak detection is a critical component of pipeline operations management, and there is little room for error.

Learn how the most comprehensive Leak Detection System (LDS) in the market today can do the work for you.

NuGen Automation has partnered with Krohne, the leading provider of pipeline leak detection, to bring our clients the most sensitive, high-fidelity leak detection system on the market.

Leak Detection

Krohne's PipePatrol™ Managment Suite uses smart technology to scan pipelines for intelligent leak detection.

  • A dedicated system to identify, locate, and help alleviate leaks in real time by leveraging patented technologies.
  • – Leak Pattern Recognition module for advanced detection of potential leak behaviors


  • – Steady and transient pipeline evaluation


  • – Highly sensitive leak detection technology to detect leaks in real time


  • – Hydraulic profiles including MAOH calculations


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PipePatrol Line Break Detection from KROHNE

PipePatrol Line Break Detection is a dedicated system to efficiently detect pipeline ruptures instantly, raise an alarm and initiate emergency pipeline shutdown procedures. The system consists of a local PLC with Rupture Pattern Recognition installed, plus two pressure transmitters to act as the pipeline rupture detection sensors. 

The PipePatrol system includes a self-learning feature for easy commissioning and tuning to the local pipeline operational conditions. Configuration can be done via a local display, or remotely. Complying with API 1175 & API – Association of Oil Pipelines (AOPL) Liquid Pipeline Rupture Recognition and Response.

pipepatrol pipeline management suite

Specialized PipePatrol™ modules or best-in-class comprehensive application suite

The PipePatrol Pipeline Management Suite has been designed in a way that it can be adapted to achieve best results and meet
operator requirements in line with the application and the available budget.

The operator now can choose to either start with single software application modules such as Leak or Theft Detection or to get the full Pipeline Management package consisting of several modules, plus the related instrumentation and data acquisition technology as well as dedicated services.

PipePatrol Modules

Extended Real-Time Transient Model (E-RTTM)

Advanced leak detection capabilities

E-RTTM is the only technology that allows fast and sensitive leak detection in any kind of pipeline operation. PipePatrol’s unique leak pattern recognition is a proven technology that compares what is actually happening in a pipeline – without generating false alarms.

Click to the diagram above view in full-size. 

Unlike other systems, it does not simply compare outlet flow with inlet flow. Instead, it uses the measured conditions to calculate the hydraulic profiles of the pipeline. One of these, the calculated flow profile, is compared to the measured flow for both inlet and outlet.

PipePatrol’s signature analysis uses leak pattern recognition to analyse this data continuously and determine the leak status of the pipeline. Because E-RTTM uses relative values, it continues to work effectively under transient pipeline conditions, without any significant effect on its sensitivity.

E-RTTM Desktop
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NuGen Automation + KROHNE PipePatrol Leak Detection Systems (LDS)

The smartest leak detection system on the market with experts in oil and gas pipeline automation

Leak Detection

From learning a pipeline’s behavior for advanced leak detection to lifecycle monitoring for improved maintenance, PipePatrol is a comprehensive leak detection system that can tackle any pipeline.

LEAK patttern recognition

Leak Pattern Recognition

Krohne's specialized software learns a pipeline's behavior and continually compares data to identify potential situations that could indicate a leak. This system provides continuous and robust monitoring during all pipeline operations.

Leak Localization

Localization of Leaks

Krohne's specialized software learns a pipeline's behavior and continually compares data to identify potential situations that could indicate a leak. This system provides continuous and robust monitoring during all pipeline operations.

predictive-chart (1)

Predictive Maintenance Planning

While evaluating the pressure of a pipeline, PipePatrol also provides data to perform predictive maintenance planning to allow operators to assess the remaining life of the pipeline.

Line Break

Line Break Detection

More than simply leak detection, PipePatrol can detect pipeline ruptures and alerts operators of the issue before initiating an emergency shutdown of the pipeline. So much more than simple leak detection, PipePatrol assists operators in making decisions when they count.


Batch Tracking

Providing a more accurate prediction of arrival time and unmixed product percentage, PipePatrol tracks batches through multi-product pipelines and identifies the mixing zone of batches for more precise batching.

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation

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David Panthagani

David Panthagani

VP Operations

De Vo, Leak Detection

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Leak Detection

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Modern leak detection systems function in a wide variety of environments and allow for individual adaptation to customer surroundings, guaranteeing optimal performance under all normal operating conditions.
PipePatrol encompasses more than just the necessary hardware and modular software suite. It also comprises the whole project management from consultation to instrumentation, integration and service support.

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We’ll begin work on a Leak Detection digitalization plan that fits around your strategic objectives and industrial process.

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