Let us help design your Control Center to meet 24×7 critical infrastructure operation.


Architects and Construction Engineers don’t understand the requirements of 24×7 Control Room Center environment.

Most Critical Infrastructure Systems are control systems running the world’s critical national infrastructures like power, energy generation and transport, water and transportation. SCADA Systems or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems play a big part in these Critical Infrastructure Systems.  The infrastructure required to run these SCADA systems is also an important item to consider when assessing security, redundancy, and stable, continuous operation of the system, whatever it may be.  Control Center (facility) planning, setup, and management all fall under the scope of stable, continuous operation; taking into account the various contingencies that may adversely affect operations.  Weather, power, communications, hardware/software, human factors, and security vulnerability issues need to be assessed for deficiencies, and buttressed with redundancies as to keep operations of the infrastructure uninterrupted.


  • Human Factors
  • Space Allocation, Fatigue Mitigation, Ergonomics, Lighting, Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.
  • Power (Electrical)
  • Redundancies, UPS, Generator
  • Communication
  • Redundancies
  • Environmental Controls
  • HVAC, , Temperature monitoring
  • Fire Suppression
  • Security Devices

Executive Order 13010:
(Critical Infrastructure Protection)

“Certain national infrastructures are so vital that their incapacity or destruction would have a debilitating impact on the defense or economic security of the United States.”

William J. Clinton The White House July 15, 1996

  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical power systems
  • Gas and oil storage and transportation
  • Banking and finance
  • Transportation
  • Water supply systems
  • Emergency services
  • Continuity of government