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Disaster Recovery Services


Reliable support when you need it most

Whether it’s an anticipated event or catastrophic disaster, having a sound contingency plan that will protect your operations could shape the lifespan of your organization.

NuGen Disaster Recovery



On average, how much businesses lose over per ransomware incident due to downtime and recovery costs.


of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.


up-to-amount cost for every minute lost during an unplanned outage or downtime.

Source: CNN.

Source: Dynamic Technologies.

Source: Dynamic Technologies.


Disaster recovery is rarely a priority until it's a necessity.

Waiting until you need a disaster recovery plan is a dangerous gamble. Our DR systems are customized to each customer and designed to keep operations going when the rest of the world is shutting down.

Client-focused infrastructure design

Leading, innovative technologies

Scalable systems for companies of all sizes

24x7 client support

Disaster recovery support before and during failover

Business continuity support

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Disaster Recovery Services

Plan for the worst with the best

NuGen Automation’s Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity team specializes in customizing DR solutions that leverage clients’ strengths and focus on potential risks. Combining high-performance technology with deep industry experience, we know how to prepare you for whatever comes your way.

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Industrial-Grade Hardware and Software

Thanks to our partnerships, NuGen Automation can procure top-of-the-line, reliable hardware to design the necessary infrastructure to protect companies from potential disasters--and all at competitive price.


Scalable Technology Solutions

Whether it's preparing a single asset for hurricanes or a global control center for power outages, NuGen Automation can customize a solution to fit any client's needs and ensure they are not only ready for disaster but protected against the most formidable risks.

Documentation Assistance

Documentation Process Development

No disaster recovery system is complete without a plan to enact, and we understand that such documentation is not only extensive but unique to the company implementing it. NuGen Automation's Technical Writing team is ready to help you write a Disaster Recovery Plan and implement the training necessary to react when disaster strikes.


24x7 Technical Support

Around-the-clock response by phone or email.

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Why NuGen Automation is different


Independent advice

We only recommend the appropriate solution that best fits the needs of our clients, and we never try to sell products you don't need.

Deep Expertise

Deep expertise

Since our founding, all projects involve oil & gas production, which may be a reason why we're one of the leading energy automation vendors in the market.


Pipeline focus

As part of the Linestar Services family, we're one of a deeply-rooted partner experts servicing the Pipeline Integrity market.


White-glove service

All clients are assigned a dedicated integration expert, who ensures that project timelines and tasks remain well-communicated and executed timely.

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation

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David Panthagani


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