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Data Analytics for Pipeline Operations

Data Analytics

Unlock your operations data, so you can perform better.

NuGen Automation’s Control Room Management (CRM) Suite provides advanced trending and data aggregation through detailed dashboards for on-the-minute insights of pipeline operations.

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Control Room Management (CRM) DATA Suite

Automate your CRM compliance program.

Control Room Management (CRM) Data Suite gives operators an edge with the tools for advanced data analysis to maintain PHMSA compliance programs.

With CRM Data Suite, your data remains connected with the appropriate systems and feed sources, capable of real-time insights for better-decision making.

Integrated SCADA data

Compliance-driven UI/UX

Data trending for Alarm Management

In-depth dashboards with full range of operational KPIs and metrics

Scheduling with violation warnings

Workload study data aggregation

Works with the data feeds and systems that you already use


On insightful data

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NuGen Control Room Management (CRM) Data Suite

Turn passive data into actual insight.

To-the-minute data is invaluable when assessing operational efficiency, and NuGen Automation’s Control Room Management (CRM) Suite keeps your data not only up to date but in clear, digestible visual dashboards.

Alarm Management

Alarm Management Application

Streamline alarm management by analyzing alarm histories to provide trends and analytical data for further improvement of overall alarm management.

With the Alarm Management Application, you will have a better understanding of which types of alarms you are responding to most frequently, how these alarms are impacting your control room efficiency, and how to streamline your controllers' time to better manage incoming alarms.

Fatigue Management

Fatigue & Schedule Management Applications

Our Fatigue Management & Schedule Applications helps you design schedules and simplify fatigue management to sustain compliance while managing your controller work for with a new level of functionality.

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes and step into the technology age with scheduling tools that alert managers of HOS violations and more.

Workload Management

Workload Management Application

NuGen’s Workflow Application simplifies the documentation process by leveraging your existing forms and processes and replicating them within the system, documenting each entry to ensure proper record-keeping.

Our application replaces manual documentation processes and stores all records together for easy reference retrieval. It also creates a simpler method for documentation by initiating new documentation within the application and saving time for controllers by keeping all data together in one application.

Alarm Management

Alarm Rationalization Application

With our Alarm Rationalization Application, rationalizing safety-related alarms is simplified, allowing bulk updates and documentation of controller response expectations to guide controllers for each alarm.

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