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Coronavirus: Pandemic Support Resources

COVID-19 Resource Hub for Pipeline Operators

Industry resources and employee wellness guides to support energy companies through the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

with updates from:

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly-evolving situation.

Click the CDC logo for the latest public health information, how to protect yourself and your organization, and to register for official updates from the authoritative public health service in the US.

A Message From Senior Leaders @ NuGen Automation

COVID-19 Resource Hub for Oil & Gas Pipeline Operators

COVID-19 Resource Hub for Pipeline Operators

Dear valued colleague,

Above all else, NuGen Automation is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the client portfolios that we continue to monitor and protect each day. Our approach to coronavirus COVID-19 is with with urgency and empathy.

Therefore, we recently entered into a remote workforce with some exceptions to control room and other operations. Details in our contingency planning, along with other resources, can be found in the COVID-19 Resources Hub below. We hope you find these supportive in your overall pandemic planning efforts.

NuGen Automation remains as steadfast today in automating the energy community as we did when our innovation journey began in 2010. 

If you have suggestions on how we can better support you, please email those to

David Panthagani

David Panthagani

Vice President of Operations

COVID-19 Resources Hub for Pipeline Operators

COVID-19 Resource Hub: Overview

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NuGen Automation's response to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions and other company resources that detail our efforts to respond the public health emergency

Industrial Safety Updates

Energy productions & pipeline safety updates

Key planning resources from US DOT and PHMSA, American Petroleum Institute (API), and Canada Energy Regulator

Partner updates to COVID-19

Technology partner updates to COVID-19

Special announcements and business continuity planning on COVID-19 from key technology partners of NuGen Automation

Public Health Resources

National public health & safety resources

Authoritative guidance from public health officials, including the CDC, Office of the White House, WHO and the Public Health Agency of Canada

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Business Continuity FAQ

How we're responding to coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Hub

NuGen Automation is a critical operations facility. Our commitment to our clients still remains in our full preparation to operate assets in both normal and abnormal situations. The safety and health of both our customers and employees are perpetually top priorities for any situation.

With our response plan, we do not anticipate any impact to ongoing project and support activities.

How are you promoting a safe work environment during the coronavirus COVID-19?

NuGen has an internal Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan already in place to provide direction to our internal teams and vendors in the event that a pandemic infection poses a health and safety threat to NuGen’s customers, employees, or otherwise threatens NuGen’s ability to effectively deliver continuous business services.

As part of our business continuity planning, NuGen has transitioned to a minimum level of critical on-site staff and requiring all non-critical staff to work remotely, when possible, so that we can minimize the amount of staff in our building while also keeping our own critical infrastructure secured, highly available, and redundant.

We are continuing to conduct business as usual while working remotely. NuGen does not anticipate immediate impact to ongoing project and support activities.

We have previously validated our infrastructure to allow remote working and have implemented our internal communication plan to keep our teams updated and informed.

How are you currently safeguarding for third-party control room operations?

NuGen is currently operating from multiple secured locations around the Houston area and has isolated each console into its own respective room for further separation.

We have proactively implemented a screening questionnaire for incoming controllers, and educating our people based on current recommendations. Additionally, all of our control centers and data center facilities have on site UPS (short term power backup) and commercial standby generators (long term power backup) as redundancies, as well as multiple communication providers and remote capabilities.

If Houston is put under a curfew or shelter in place order, we have communicated with the local authorities with usage of both Presidential Policy Directive PPD-21 and Executive Order 13010 (defining/prioritizing Critical Infrastructure) and a letter citing PHMSA and DOT regulations authorizing our people to drive to the control rooms as needed. 

What additional measures have you taken to insure employee safety during the COVID-19 situation?

COVID-19 is an urgent and rapidly-evolving situation. NuGen Automation has implementing additional safeguards for our employees and contractors to help them identify and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

This includes mandatory protocols for anyone exhibiting early onset symptoms for the safety and protection of employees engaged in critical on-site operations. Extra communications and training around emerging details of the virus have been paramount for senior management.

In addition, NuGen has deployed extra procedures around disinfection and additional office cleaning throughout all of its facilities. 

Is NuGen able to work with clients in-person during COVID-19?

We understand that clients need our support now more than ever, and that’s why NuGen is taking precautions to protect employees and clients during this time, including protocols for in-person meetings. All visitors in NuGen offices must fill out a form for permission to enter our facilities, which requires visitors to assess their potential exposure to and symptoms of COVID-19. All visitors must wash their hands before entering worker areas and maintain social distancing during their visit. No unnecessary entry is permitted for the Control Room.

For client sites, NuGen is prepared to support client protocols in every way possible. In addition to any client requirements to visit their sites, NuGen employees will observe regular handwashing and social distancing activities.

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COVID-19 Resources

Additional pandemic support resources from NuGen Automation

COVID-19 Report: PHMSA's Stay of Enforcement Summary

Report: PHMSA's Stay of Enforcement - What It Means for Operators

PHMSA's recent notice of stay of enforcement has left some operators struggling how to proceed through the COVID-19 pandemic response. Review through our interpretation in this summary report.

PDF Guide: Managing COVID-19 Stress

Managing COVID-19 Stress
How to cope with stress caused by coronavirus COVID-19

Stress reduction is a critical step in mitigating the direct and indirect consequences of the novel coronavirus. Originally for NuGen employees, we're offering the visual guide to anyone to help assist with their physical and mental well-being.

PDF Guide: Working Remotely - Keeping your Focus & Working Safely

Working Remotely Guide
Ten actionable steps to stay just as productive when working from home

NuGen Automation recognizes that making the switch, especially for more than a few days, can be difficult for some. That's why we gathered very effective ways for employees and partners alike to keep their productivity gains along in 2020.

PDF Guide: Working from Home (With Kids)

Working From Home (With Kids) - NuGen Automation
Five things to consider if you're a parent working remotely

The stay-at-home initiative the country is undergoing is particularly burdensome for professionals that have children at home. We developed a guide for our employees and other professionals to help them manage the extra tasks that come with being a parent.

Insights Post (Blog) on Oil & Gas Markets

Oil Prices Fall in 2020
The Oil and Gas Markets Today and Tomorrow

We explore the impact of COVID-19, the price war on oil prices and how pipeline safety measures have recently evolved in response to the growing pandemic.

Insights Post (Blog) on Microsoft Remote

Microsoft Teams & Skype: Enhanced features and integration plans

In a blog post from March 2020, NuGen Automation released updated information on the rollout of Skype integration and Microsoft Teams functionality due to increased remote operations across the US and globally.

Industrial Safety Updates

Energy Production & Pipeline Safety Updates

COVID-19 support resources from various industry authorities

PHMSA: State Pipeline Guidance

Pipeline Safety
PHMSA issues guide to state pipeline programs during COVID-19

PHMSA also further details its plans around efforts to continue to support the activities of state pipeline safety programs during the public health emergency sparked by COVID-19.

PHMSA: Special Permits

PHMSA issues COVID-19 emergency special permits

The special permits are necessary in helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, as well as for response and remediation efforts associated with the current emergency. Find out how to obtain a special permit.

PHMSA: Public Assistance

PHMSA details its public assistance plan around public safety emergency

A consolidated list of group email addresses are included, followed by a brief description of the available support each email group provides (e.g. cylinder re-qualification approvals, special permit applications, regulatory petitions, interpretation requests, etc.).

PHMSA: Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing PHMSA
New guidance provided on DOT substance testing policies

The Department of Transportation issues new guidance and a stay in enforcement to DOT-regulated employers, employees, and service agents regarding conducting DOT drug-and-alcohol testing given concerns about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

American Petroleum Institute (API): Pandemic Planning Guide

American Petroleum Institute Planning Guide
API releases public health emergency guide for Oil & Gas operators (PDF)

As part of its ongoing support of oil and natural gas operations, API has produced a comprehensive guide that energy operators can refer to during the coronavirus emergency.

American Petroleum Institute (API): U.S. State-by-State COVID-19 resources

State By State COVID-19 Resources for Oil & Gas Operators
API centralizes state pandemic resources in response to COVID-19

API encourages all states and localities to adopt the guidance recently published by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to identify critical workers.

National Energy Board: A Letter from the Canada Energy regulator on COVID-19

Canadian National Energy Board
Canada Energy Regulator issues COVID-19 Response

Acting Chief Executive Officer issues a letter to oil & gas partners detailing the national regulator's business continuity efforts address the impact of the coronavirus.

AGA: Emergency Preparedness Handbook for Natural Gas Utilities

AGA Emergency Prepardness Handbook
AGA references emergency handbook for preparedness planning

Acting Chief Executive Officer issues a letter to oil & gas partners detailing the national regulator's business continuity efforts address the impact of the coronavirus.

McKinsey & Co Report: Implications on Business

McKinsey & Co COVID-19 Outlook
McKinsey releases ongoing report on impact for Energy, other sectors

Professionals of all types will stand to benefit by reviewing this comprehensive economic report with multiple macro scenarios.

CDC: Interim Guidelines for Businesses to Plan and Respond to Covid-19

CDC Guidelines for Responding to COVID-19
CDC issues guidelines to help prepare and respond to coronavirus

This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The following interim guidance may help prevent workplace exposures to COVID-19, in non-healthcare settings.

Control Engineering: COVID-19 Articles for Control Room Professionals

Control Engineering COVID-19
Control Engineering publishes topic-driven articles on COVID-19 impact

Technical content that cover a range of consequences that the coronavirus is having for daily operations of control room operators and professionals .

Partner updates to COVID-19

Technology Partner Updates on COVID-19

COVID-19 announcements from our partners in technology

ESRI & ArcGIS: COVID-19 Resources Hub

ESRI Covid-19 Hub
ESRI launches COVID-19 Resources Hub for ArcGIS professionals

Esri releases ArcGIS resources to help its users support their communities and organizations respond to coronavirus COVID-19 effectively, including how to build a response hub.

Microsoft: COVID-19 Resources Hub

Microsoft COVID-19 Resources
Microsoft announces COVID-19 Resources Support Hub

From remote working to technical support, Microsoft releases a comprehensive list of assistance guides for IT professionals to leverage for better business continuity planning.

Schneider Electric: Business Continuity Plan Update

Schneider Electric COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

Schneider Electric announces important update for customers and partners

Our SCADA technology partner recently announced the testing and implementation of its Business Contunity Plan (BCP).

AVEVA: Free Access to select services


AVEVA issues COVID-19 update, complimentary access to some services

Until June 30, AVEVA is offering complimentary access to select engineering products and services to assist pipeline operators transition through the pandemic.

Inductive Automation: COVID-1 Special Announcement

Inductive Automation COVID-19 announcement

Ignition SCADA partner discusses special steps taken to virus

Inductive Automation issues a special announcement on measures taken within the company to help curtail the impact of the coronavirus.

Amazon Web Services: AWS Tier Support for Partners

AWS logo
Amazon announces tier support for customers impacted by COVID-19

Amazon has determined to allow APN Partners maintain their 2019 APN Tier status throughout the rest of 2020.

KROHNE: Executive Board Announcement


Krohne's key leadership addresses coronavirus

The Executive Board of our leak detection partner addresses their operations contingency repositioning in light of the global pandemic.

Public Health Resources

Public Health Safety Resources for Pandemic Preparation

Authoritative health guides to prepare for coronavirus COVID-19

CDC: Dr. Anthony Fauci COVID-19 Public Service Announcement

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Apple launches exclusive PSA from CDC Chief on App Store

In a collaboration with the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), Dr. Anthony Fauci is featured by Apple on a direct message to US citizens on how they can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

President of the United States: Coronavirus Guidelines

US President Seal
The office of the POTUS details various methods to slow virus contagion

The office of President Trump released a comprehensive PDF guide that details the various methods every American can take to mitigate the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

World Health Organization (WHO): Travel Guidelines

World Health Organization
WHO provides international travel guidance during coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization hosts a centralized source of updated guidance for individuals considering international travel during COVID-19.

Public Health Agency of Canada: COVID-19 Resources

Public Health Agency of Canada - COVID-19
Canadian public health chief issues safety resources for COVID-19 mitigation

The Public Health Services Agency of Canada releases key resources and self-assessment tools to assist individuals to combat the virus pandemic.

NuGen COVID-19 Resources Hub

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