Audit/Compliance Services

An integral part of successful pipeline operations is compliance with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulations (PHMSA). As part of our commitment to being a full service integration firm we strive to provide a full range of regulatory compliance programs for pipeline operators. Our services in this area are twofold and include auditing of existing pipeline compliance policies and documentation or if need be the creation of new policies and documentation to help achieve compliance for our customers. Our Audit/Compliance Services include, but are not limited to:

Operating Procedure
PHMSA regulations require pipeline operators to have comprehensive operating procedures for each section of pipe outlining details related to: normal operations, abnormal operations, and emergency operations and shutdown procedures.

Control Room Management
Control room management procedures are a new requirement of PHMSA regulations that require pipeline operators to create policies and procedures regarding the day-to-day management of their control rooms and SCADA systems.NuGen CRM-Management

Introduction In the U.S., systems that control pipelines which transport hazardous liquids are continually tasked to find ways to mitigate risk and operate safely, in accordance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations. Neglecting these risks could lead to potential consequences including interruption of operations, environmental impact, or a catastrophic event. The latest challenge presented to oil and gas operators from the American Petroleum Institute is the Control Room Management API 1168 (CRM) ruling. goes here

Without a complete understanding of API 1168, oil and gas operators may have a fragmented, inconsistent, or incomplete CRM program. Part of our mission at NuGen Automation is taking on the task of comparing our customers’ current Control Room Management Plan to industry standards, best practices and the latest CRM ruling.

Audit Gap Analysis
NuGen Automation has been working alongside many of its customers to help them identify the weaknesses in their current CRM program. By assisting you in conducting an internal audit, we can help you identify deficits in your CRM program, and help you address those deficits before you are faced with an actual PHMSA audit.

Audit Partnership
A PHMSA Audit can be a challenging activity if you are unfamiliar with the regulations. That’s why NuGen Automation provides on-site supporting services to our customers during audits. By creating a team consisting of subject matter experts from your business and from our CRM team, we can assist you through the audit process and help you address issues and answer questions as they arise.

Maintaining Compliance
The API publishes updates to their standards on a periodic basis. NuGen Automation can help you understand and implement these updates to your CRM program, and keep you in compliance with PHMSA protocol. With over 20 years of hands-on control room management experience, we understand the challenges that pipeline control rooms face while trying to maintain safe pipeline operations, manage personnel, and apply change to control room policy.

Display Standards
NuGen Automation has over 50 years of experience working in many SCADA environments, and are in API 1165 regarding display standards for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). At NuGen Automation we can help you:

  • Provide effective and predictable operation of the User Interface.
  • Provide acceptable performance under all loading conditions.
  • Provide consistency in the operation of the SCADA system.
  • Provide ease of maintenance of the displays.
  • Reduce stress and strain on SCADA System Controllers and Operators

Alarm Management Tools

  • Bad Actor AnalysisNuGen Control Room Management Suite
  • Alarm Type Analysis
  • Tag Trending
  • Inhibit Reporting
  • Once-Click reporting

Workload Analysis Tool

  • Compare multiple consoles workload to identify control room balance
  • Identify which activities are burdening the console
  • Asset management to indicate which pipeline systems may be burdening the console
  • Time Based Analysis which is a comprehensive approach eliminating any subjective data
  • Day Shift/Night Shift Breakdown to identify the workload differences between day/night shifts
  • One click reporting processes with email functionality

Alarm Rationalization

  • One stop shop for managing your Master Alarm Database per API 1167
  • Rationalize 100’s of points easily with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Identify points that have been changed in SCADA
  • Retrieve records with our user friendly interface

Fatigue Management Tool

  • Easily manage work schedules no matter how complex
  • Identify HOS exceptions (Hours of Service)
  • Project possible exceptions with vacation coverages
  • One click reporting processes with email functionality
  • Fatigue risk root cause analysis

Management of Change Tool (MOC)

  • Customizable to customer specifications
  • Robust workflow capability
  • Email notifications

The documentation requirements for PHMSA regulations are extensive. Documenting every process, configured alarm for every point, alarm description, alarm duplication, among many other requirements can be a daunting task. Given the experience that NuGen Automation has with these documentation requirements, we make a great partner to compliment your existing control room management program to ensure your control room is in compliance. Training Ensuring that your operations staff is properly trained and competent to perform their roles and responsibilities as defined in the Roles and Responsibilities documentation to ensure Operator Qualification and to provide a working knowledge of the pipeline system, especially during the development of abnormal operating conditions. Our training program includes the following elements:

  • Pipeline Controller Roles and Responsibilities
  • Adequate Information
  • Alarm Management
  • Change Management
  • Operating Experience
  • Fatigue Risk Management