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Control Room Management
Whitney Vandiver Ph.D.

TVC Documentation for PHMSA’s Gas Mega Rule

PHMSA’s Gas Mega Rule uses the phrase “traceable, verifiable, and complete” when referring to compliance records to support established MAOP/MOP and related procedures. However, some operators are struggling to know when they’ve met those conditions—and thereby how to know when they are in compliance.

Control Room Management
Whitney Vandiver Ph.D.

OCC Response to Infectious Diseases

While best practices are industry wide, how and to what degree they are implemented depend on the individual operator. NuGen Automation has designed a degreed approach to implementing best practices for control rooms amid COVID-19 to help operators assess their current situation and determine the best practices to implement moving forward.

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Control Room Management
Whitney Vandiver Ph.D.

What is PHMSA’s “Stay of Enforcement Notice”?

To assist operators who are facing the COVID-19 dilemma, PHMSA has temporarily relaxed its enforcement of particular regulations, allowing operators to deviate from certain regulations when necessary to safely operate pipelines and storage facilities.

Oil Prices Fall in 2020
Whitney Vandiver Ph.D.

COVID-19: The oil and gas industry today and tomorrow

We don’t need an economist to tell us that 2020 has taken a death grip on the oil and gas industry and with the COVID-19 virus continuing to spread, the year has yet to loosen its grip.


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