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Oil & Gas SCADA White Paper

The Evolution of Effective Design in Alarm Management Applications

Discover the foundation points that produce efficient SCADA frameworks that scale consistently, despite frequent tech changes and never-ending data sources.

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The Evolution of Effective Design in Alarm Management Applications

Pipeline Alarm Management White Paper


Whitney Vandiver, PhD

Pipeline Compliance Specialist

NuGen Automation

Introduction / Absract

This fundamental resource for control room professionals outlines the necessary objectives of alarm management applications in order to provide elevated data reporting with a user-centered design. 

The evolution of alarm management applications has required developers to keep pace with the advancement of SCADA systems and the large data sets they provide. Previous application designs have pulled SCADA data intermittently and required users to query information with search parameters, leading to increased delays in reporting, and the potential for overlooked trends due to user workload.

This paper considers the limitations of such designs, outlines the objectives that modern application design must address, and exemplifies the efficiency of such a design through its primary focus on a proprietary methodology (which is fully revealed within the document),

By integrating such design elements with a user-focused, compliance-driven philosophy, our approach is scalable and sustainable, resulting in increased flexibility in data monitoring and assessment within the alarm management lifecycle through increased data visualization, leading to superior Control Room Management

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