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About NuGen Automation

We create pipeline solutions that
spur better insight and smarter decisions.

NuGen Automation is a time-tested, agile team of safety experts, digital advocates, and solution designers firmly committed to innovation strategies that reveal meaningful outcomes.

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About NuGen Automation

NuGen Automation LLC was founded by
Son Tran in 2010 at the request of Boardwalk Pipeline, Enterprise Products, Royal Dutch Shell, and other Oil & Gas operators who sought continued innovation and support for their large-scale SCADA systems.

Our experience led us to recognize that smaller Oil & Gas pipeline operators are rarely equipped with the staff or expertise necessary to support their SCADA systems but must often pay for services that are designed for larger corporations with equally-sized SCADA system workloads.

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OUR Strategic Vision

Pipeline automation for every operator

Building on our knowledge of Enterprise SCADA Systems, we formed a business model that offered smaller pipeline operators the same experience and support as their larger counterparts without the high cost of ownership, tailoring our services to fit our customers’ unique parameters.

We accomplish this by approaching SCADA and pipeline operation with a vertical model that integrates IT, compliance, leak detection, software development, and support into a total solution.

What started as two SCADA experts has grown into hundreds of employees with expertise in IT Management, SCADA Integration, Leak Detection, Safety and Compliance, 3rd-Party Control Rooms, and
GIS applications.

With the vision of providing solutions that integrate advanced technology and propel our customers’ programs to the leading edge of their fields, our mission is simple:

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We help you improve awareness, efficiency, and compliance.

1) We empower Pipeline Operators by providing innovative solutions and streamlining software systems to improve awareness, efficiency, and compliance.

2) We accomplish this purpose by implementing industry best practices and a streamlined approach to ensure cost-effective solutions, expert delivery, continuous service, and technical excellence.

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The best model of digital transformation for Pipeline Operators isn’t contingent on technology. 

Instead, shift the focus towards scope, objectives and strategy for a more robust, communal impact.

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Digital Strategy ExPert in Petroleum

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Company Videos

Driving customer value through Pipeline Automation

Thomas Frobase

Streamlining Regulatory Compliance through Pipeline Automation

Tom Frobase summarizes how automation solutions can boost Control Room Management (CRM) performance through NuGen Automation services.

Son Tran President of NuGen Automation

How to Reduce Operating Expense Costs with a Control Room Management (CRM) Solution

Founder & President Son Tran explains how they address both operational systems and business regulatory needs with Wonderware Systems Platform solutions.

Key Personnel @ NuGen Automation

The Executive Leadership Team

David Panthagani

David Panthagani

VP Operations

Rafael VIlla

Rafael Villa

Financial Controller

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Timmy Huynh

Head of Technology

Muneesh Maini

Munessh Maini

Head of Automation

Products and Solution Experts

Jason Ramirez

Jason Ramírez

Automation Solutions

Mona Maini

Mona Maini

Data Analytics

De Vo, Leak Detection

De Vo

Leak Detection

Whitney Vandiver PHD

Whitney VanDiver Ph.D.

Pipeline Compliance

Ahmard Hall

Ahmard Hall

Third-Party Control Rooms

Albert Ledet III

Albert Ledet III

GIS Applications

Syed Ali

Syed Ali

Network Services

Vibol Suos

Vibol Suos​

IT Services