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Simplify your pipeline operations.

NuGen Automation empowers energy companies through integrated operations, streamlined SCADA, IT capabilities, and customized software to improve awareness, efficiency, and compliance.

Integrated Pipeline Automation Solutions

Superior pipeline automation across the energy lifecycle

From systems design to pipeline monitoring strategies, we deliver premier, end-to-end solutions to petroleum companies of all shapes and sizes.

Pipeline Automation Spectrum
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Products and Services

Compliance and Pipeline Safety Services


Expert assistance in CRM compliance and compliance advisement for all Control Room Management operations (ISA, ANSI, API and PHMSA)

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Operations data visualization, actionable insights, and the NuGen CRM Suite: all designed to boost the efficiency of your asset portfolio

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Reliable technology solutions, documentation development, and around-the-clock technical support for failover and business contingency efforts

Field Control Engineer

Field Automation

Connect to field experts and deploy either tactical project tasks or holistic automation strategies engineered from the ground-up

GIS Applications with ESRI

GIS Applications

Database quality and maintenance, research and documentation, drafting, as-builts & surveys, via custom and scalable solutions (with ESRI and ArcGIS)

IT Services (AWS, CISCO, Microsoft Zure)

Information Technology

Network and server administration + optimization, patching and maintenance, network security, 24/7 client support (featuring Microsoft Azure, AWS and CISCO)

Remote Operations Go-Kit

Mobile control centers that are built for rapid deployment through almost any type of business contingency or disaster scenario

SCADA Integration with AVEVA, Ignition and Schneider Electric

SCADA Integration

Integrated, systematic approaches to turn-key SCADA + HMI integration, SCADA administration, staff augmentation, and 24/7 technical support

Smart Leak Detection by Krohne

Smart Leak Detection

Leak pattern recognition, localization of leaks, predictive maintenance planning, line break detection, batch tracking (partnership with Krohne)

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Third-Party Control Rooms

Third-party and remote control center operations, control center design, CRM Suite, and integrated leak detection (with Remote Operations Center)

Remote Operations Center & NuGen Automation

The leading network of third-party control room operations in midstream

In 2019, ROC merged with NuGen Automation to form the leading network of safety response & data center solutions for North American pipelines. 

The result for energy operators is an emerging innovation within managed control room efficiency: Unrivaled CRM expertise with ability to scale ⁠— powered by the industrial pioneer within SCADA and digital transformation for the oil and gas landscape.

Pipeline Integrity Specialists

Powerful alone. Better together.

LineStar offers an integrated suite of pipeline compliance and integrity management solutions through its ongoing pursuit of creating value for oil and gas operators from dynamic market solutions.


NuGen delivers pipeline SCADA, digital transformation, GIS & field automation services. It is also the largest 3rd-party network of U.S. energy control rooms.


The Compliance Group delivers oil and gas compliance advisory services through asset evaluation, strategic development and audit support.

Control Room Ops

Tucker’s approach to pipeline integrity falls within its focus of repairing, replacing and maintaining assets with a safe, reliable and skilled workforce.

Pipeline Integrity Specialists

A fully-integrated suite of pipeline compliance, technology and integrity maintenance solutions

Customers can trust that each team from the Linestar family is made up of qualified specialists, with long-standing client partnerships and decades of experience on a national scale.

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NuGen Automation: By The Numbers

Successful Missions

# of systems integrations completed with Tier-I — Tier-III energy companies since 2010

Avg Duration in Weeks

Average duration of a turnkey SCADA project from kickoff to completion (less than six months)

1 K
Pipelines (Miles)

No. of total miles in North American pipeline in which we’ve implemented SCADA monitoring tools

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How NuGen Automation is different

Trusted experts in oil and gas pipeline automation

Exclusive to pipeline innovation

Since our inception, NuGen Automation has performed digital transformation projects solely within the oil and gas landscape. 

Vendor Agnostic

Independent & technology-agnostic

We only recommend the appropriate solution that best fits the needs of our clients, and we never try to sell products you don’t need.

Compliance Resource

PHMSA's Leak Detection Mega Rule: What It Means for Operators

What control room operators need to know about PHMSA’s Mega Rule that went into effect on July 1

Son Tran, President of NuGen Automation

Son Tran

Founder & President

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Our approach remains unchanged since Day One:
Each client project is rooted in ingenuity, agility and time-tested experience — enabling us to deliver every solution with specific aim to create value to the energy community and their customers.

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Operate your assets at its peak potential while driving down Total Cost of Ownership.

an expert suite in pipeline compliance, technology & integrity solutions