How We Do It

1. Requirements Analysis:

•Priorities Review

•Data Collection and Review

•Technology Requirements

•SCADA Requirements

•Business Requirements

•Regulation Requirements

•Identify Specific Components Requirements

•Options and Solutions

2. Design:

•Hardware Specification/Estimates

•Time and Cost Specification/Estimates

•System/Network/Application Architecture Design

•Define Specific Components Process and Execution Plan

•Technical, SCADA, Business, and Regulatory Needs (Based on Industry Standards and NuGen
Automation Best Practices)

3. Execution:

•Project Expectations, Outline and Creation

•Risk Assessment

•Downtime Outline and Coordination

•Assigning of Resources

•Departmental and Business Unit Coordination

•Vendor Coordination and Management

•Direct or Active Participation on Project Development

•Direct or Active Participation on Project Implementation

•Data Migration

4. Verification:

•Validation Protocol

•Prospective/Retrospective Validation

•Direct or Active Participation on Project Testing

•Perform Factory (FAT) and Site (SAT) Acceptance Testing

•Audit and Verify Custom Codes

•Audit and Verify Hardware, Software, and Communications

•Review/Monitor System and Network Performance

5. Maintenance:


•Hands-on Product and User Training, and Coaching

•HMI Displays Support

•System/Network/ Application Support

•Managed Services Support